Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Polish-Jazz blog provides media patronage for new album by Glabulator !!!


Tomasz Glazik - tenor saxophone, bass clarinet, modular
Jacek Buhl - drums, percussion

Jeden Dzień Bez Godzin (2013)

Glabulator was founded in 2005 by Tomek Glazik and Jacek Buhl. Their music is based on improvisation and the experimental sounds of the saxophone, bass clarinet, synthesizer, drums and percussion. Their last performance was in November 2007 at the third edition of the "Muzyka z Mózgu" ("Music of the Brain") festival, which was recorded and repeatedly broadcast by TVP Kultura. It has taken some time for them to re-appear since their last project, but they have now released their debut album "A Day Without Hours", which was recorded in October 2012 at the MÓZG recording Studio in Bydgoszcz. Most of the material consists of the improvisation of the tenor saxophone, bass clarinet and drums. There are also regular pieces using loops and the modular. All this is set in a melancholy, free yass suspension.


01. Przeziębiony słoń
02. Samotne serce
03. Chaotyczny spacer
04. Bob trapezowe oko
05. Linie papilarne
06. Chwilowe zejście
07. Marabut i jego syn
08. Uwertura c-moll
09. Jeden dzień bez godzin
10. Piosenka partyzancka

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