Friday, December 20, 2013

Braces Are Beautiful - Los Vaqueros En La Cocina (2013) ***

Braces Are Beautiful (band)

Jacek Steinbrich - guitars, Philicorda organ, mini Korg, kalimba, recorder, percussion (4)
Tim O’Flaherty - bass guitar, drums
Łukasz Szulc - percussion (1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 10)

Los Vaqueros En La Cocina (2013)

Braces Are Beautiful A musical project started by Jacek in 2008, it has since then gone through various transmutations, from jazz and prepared music to punk, blues and free jazz. On this record Jacek, along with help from Tim and Łukasz, presents songs which he has created specially for the Polish-American-Spanish co-production Los Vaqueros en la Cocina, a film about one individual’s 19th-C. battle with consumerism, as seen within the context of a crisis in the management of culinary resources. The music, a mosaic of surf rock, free, trash country, western punk and hip hop, contains elements of minimalist, Jamaican and ethnic sounds.

Jacek Steinbrich - His musical interests range from minimalism, jazz, free jazz, classical, contemporary, and prepared music to blues, dance, punk and film soundtracks. Talented at various stringed instruments, not to mention a keyboardist who occasionally dabbles in percussion too, Jacek has written music for the band JoaoBAB and is a founder of the free jazz project Re.mus. A finalist in the competition CAGE 1, 2, 3 (Poland, 2012), he has also collaborated with many different artists, including Olgierd Dokalski and Wojtek Kwapisiński, as well as other musicians from the worlds of improvisation, jazz, and free jazz in Dublin.

Tim O’Flaherty - He first came into contact with planet earth at the age of 8, when he finally got his hands on a clarinet. Since then Tim has also used saxophone, bass and drums on his various trips into the stratosphere – especially during 15 years as a member of the New York band A Stillwater Satellite. His quest to learn the Polish language later brought him to Lublin, Poland, where, as a bassist, he has collaborated with the group JoaoBAB as well as participated in the final of the competition CAGE 1, 2, 3. He is currently a translator and English teacher living in Warsaw.

Łukasz Szulc (aka Senhor Efebo) - An African and Latin American culture enthusiast, as well as DJ, percussionist, and passionate promoter of the all-embracing concept of “tropical music,” Senhor has collaborated with various Polish collectives, including Soulservice and Uratujmy Afrobeat (“Let’s Save Afrobeat”). In 2003, he, along with other percussion enthusiasts, founded the rhythm ensemble (batucada) Sambasim, which has toured both throughout Poland and abroad. In 2009 he supported the composer and guitarist Wagner Barbosa and his group, the Barbosa Trio, on tour. Between January and February 2010 he participated in the project Brazil Cantado, along with the pianist Kuba Pałys and the guitarist To Brandileone. During 2012 he supported the acoustic group Open Source as well as the band JoaoBAB. He currently plays in clubs, bars, pubs and anywhere else his brand of percussion-heavy music is welcome.

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