Monday, December 2, 2013

Marcin Dyjak's Success at the World Harmonica Festival 2013!

Marcin Dyjak gained a vice-champion title at the World Harmonica Festival 2013! He took a second place in the jazz category at one of the largest harmonica festivals in the world. This prestigious event takes place every four years in the city of Trossingen, Germany, which is famous for the production of Hohner harmonicas. Dyjak represented Poland in the category of Solo Diatonic Jazz / Melody and fought with seventeen other participants from eleven countries. What is more, "the musician has earned the favor of the judges with outstanding performance of his own composition." Second place in such important competition shows just how far can you get through persistence, regularity and hard work. "The result is a confirmation that it is worth to pursue their passions, regardless of adversity" - said Marcin just after winning. The festival is not only a struggle of the participants on stage, it's also an ideal opportunity to gain new skills and knowledge from the best instrumentalists in the world. The awards character is more prestigious rather than material and serves as an invitation to participate in other harmonica festivals in the world. Marcin Dyjak, a musician, harmonica player, teacher. His individual awards : World Harmonica Festival (2013), Harmonica Bridge (2008, 2007), Wielki Ogień (2010), Bluesroads (2010). He frequently appeared with artists such as John Lee Hooker Jr., Jaroslaw Śmietana, Mark Raduli, Grazyna Łobaszewska, and with bands: Daddy's Cash, Oddział Zamkniety, and many others as a sideman. He participated in television and radio programs, such as concert in “Trójka” (wide-spread polish radiostation) - Daddy's Cash & John Lee Hooker Jr. (2013), Jaka to melodia (2012), Kawa czy Herbata (2005). His performing style definitely breaks the existing stereotypes of harmonica. The advanced technique allows for flexible and varied usage of this inconspicuous instrument.

(source: press release)

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