Friday, July 29, 2016

Marek Walarowski Trio feat. Wojciech Lichtański – Colours Of The Night (2015)

Marek Walarowski Trio feat. Wojciech Lichtański

Marek Walarowski - piano
Wojciech Lichtański - saxophone
Lukas Muzik - bass
Mirosław Sitkowski - drums

Colours Of The Night


By Adam Baruch

This is an album by Polish pianist/composer Marek Walarowski with his trio which includes Czech electric bassist Lukas Muzik and drummer Mirosław Sitkowski and features also saxophonist Wojciech Lichtański, who completes a quartet setting. The quartet performs seven original compositions, all by Walarowski.

The music is kept within melodic mainstream, and is therefore pretty predictable, but the excellent compositions by Walarowski and beautiful playing by Lichtański, who is one of the upcoming Polish Jazz young lions, turn this music into a nice listening experience. His alto saxophone has a great tone and he sounds like a true pro when playing some expanded and sophisticated solos through out this album. The rhythm section is also doing a fine job, and although I prefer acoustic bass in a strict Jazz setting, Muzik manages to do his part solidly while Sitkowski keeps the time without a hitch.

Walarowski's compositions are all little gems with superb melody lines and nice chord structures, which are not inferior to any of the Jazz standards we are used to hear all the time. His performances are also spotless, although have a specific Classical influence, which can be heard by a trained ear. Nevertheless his playing is always a true pleasure to listen to. Overall the album offers some very nice music, which was very well recorded and mixed and all mainstream Jazz lovers should find it most appropriate as part of their music collections. Definitely worth investigating!

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