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Michal Aftyka Quintet - "Frukstrakt"

Michal Aftyka Quintet

Marcin Elszkowski - Trumpet
Marcin Konieczkowicz - Alto Saxophone
Tymon Kosma - Vibraphone, Xylophon
Michał Aftyka - Double Bass
Stefan Raczkowski - Drums

Album's title - "Frukstrakt"

Multikulti (2023)

Review author: Viačeslavas Gliožeris

„Frukstrakt” - a title of double bassist Michal Afyka quintet's debut album – is an artificial word, invented by Michal himself. Since the album's music is presented as a sort of soundtrack to the walk through the Museum of Lost Flavours in the album's notes, for me the title somehow associates with a combination of “fruit” and “extract”, but most probably I'm wrong here.

Anyway, what we have inside of a nicely packaged album is tasteful avant-garde jazz with strong chamber influence. All compositions are Aftyka's originals, but the final music is an obvious collective work's result. Traditional reeds – drums – bass quintet is completed with vibes player/xylophonist Tymon Kosma instead of an expected piano player, which works pretty well with quite elegant and partially dreamy Afyka's music.

Rooted in chamber avant-garde jazz tradition (ca. 90s), the Quintet sounds quite conservative, which probably is for good here. At the same time, there are modern touches here and there. In all, the album's music is a respectable mix of the past and nowadays. As almost always, best chamber jazz offers a lot of colors, nuances, and moods, “Frukstrakt” is not an exemption.

The album's music varies from dreamy to a bit sentimental, from slightly melancholic to nervous, but always well framed and controlled. I like there is no aggressiveness, exaltation, or artificial rebellion in this music, so often usual for works of young artists, searching for their own place on the jazz scene. It is intelligent, tasteful, and somehow pleasantly comfortable, in its own way. I really like the simplicity of arrangements – moods, and atmosphere are both obviously more important than virtuosity's demonstration here. I like the reeds soloing and vibes sound too. 

Yes, we feel there is more freshness of young hearts and heads against maturity and technical excellence demonstration in this music, but probably “Frukstrakt” is attractive because of that as well. Strong debut and I'm really curious about what comes after.

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