Thursday, May 10, 2012

Wojciech Kaminski – Open Piano (Polish Jazz Vol.66, 1982)

Wojciech Kamiński - Piano

Zbigniew Jaremko - tenor saxophone
Henryk Majewski - trumpet
Janusz Zabiegliński - alto saxophone, clarinet
Władysław Halik - bass saxophone
Zbigniew Konopczyński - trombone
Marek Bliziński - guitar
Janusz Kozłowski - bass
Jarzy Bartz - drums 

Open Piano (Polish Jazz Vol.66, 1982)

This album by veteran pianist / composer Wojciech Kaminski presents the versatility of the Polish Jazz scene, which at all times presented the entire scope of Jazz music, from Ragtime to Avant-Grade, all of them on a very high artistic level. Kaminski was active on the local scene mainly in the traditional Jazz circles, co-founding such splendid ensembles as Ragtime Jazz Band and Old Timers. He felt most comfortable playing Jazz, which ranges from Ragtime, through Dixieland and into Swing and selected some of the absolutely best local players at the time to accompany him on this album: trumpeter Henryk Majewski, trombonist Zbigniew Konopczynski, saxophonists Zbigniew Jaremko, Janusz Zabieglinski and Wladyslaw Halik, guitarist Marek Blizinski, bassist Janusz Kozlowski and drummer Jerzy Bartz. Kaminski composed five of the ten compositions on this album (the remaining five include four standards and one composition by Zabieglinski). The level of performance is absolutely excellent all the way through and every Jazz fan should be able to enjoy this music for what it stands for: quality and fun! Recommended!

Track listing: 01. Codzienny Blues; 02. Deszczowy Maj; 03. The Wika Rag; 04. The Entertainer; 05. Wchodź po trzech; 06. Autumn Leaves; 07. Ruchome schody; 08. I Wish I Could Shimmy My Sister Kate;
09. Blues Dla Dziewczyny; 10. Jazz Me Blues

By Adam Baruch

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