Saturday, May 5, 2012

Sing Sing Penelope & DJ Strangefruit - Electrogride (S. A. Mozg, 2010)

Sing Sing Penelope & DJ Strangefruit (band)

Daniel Mackiewicz - fender pianoWojciech Jachna - trumpet
Patryk Węcławek - bass
Rafał Gorzycki - drums
Olek Kaminski - s. saxophone
Sebastian Gruchot - violin
DJ Strangefruit - live electronics

Electrogride (S. A. Mozg, 2010)

This is the 5th album by the sensational Polish ensemble Sing Sing Penelope, recorded in cooperation with Norwegian DJ Strangefruit (real name Pal Nyhus) and Polish (resident in Norway) violinist Sebastian Gruchot. The regular SSP lineup (trumpeter Wojciech Jachna, saxophonist Tomasz Glazik, keyboardist Daniel Mackiewicz, bassist Patryk Weclawek and drummer / percussionist Rafal Gorzycki) is slightly changed with saxophonist Aleksander Kaminski fulfilling the position of the absent Glazik. The circumstances surrounding the recording of this album are connected to the Smolensk catastrophe, in which a plane carrying Polish Government officials crushed killing everybody on board. The musicians who recorded this album were suppose to tour Polish clubs, but as a result of the mourning the concerts were cancelled and instead they recorded the album, which was distributed free of charge in the clubs, where the concerts were supposed to be played. Of course today this album is a rare collector's item.

Musically this album marks another expansion of SSP already adventurous music into new territory, with the inclusion of electronics and ambient elements. The music becomes more contemplative and spacey, in comparison to their earlier efforts, but the Jazz solos and overall atmosphere is unmistakably SSP. Another innovation is the use of World Music percussive elements by Gorzycki, which adds another dimension to the music. The album's ac hoc nature and the short (EP size) repertoire are all results of the on the spot decision to make the album at the time and the fruition of the ideas contained herein was fully realized in their next album. In retrospect this little gem appends a valuable add-on to the splendid recorded legacy of the ensemble so far and as usual is a splendid piece of contemporary music of rare quality.

Track listing: 1. electrogride part 1; 2. electrogride part 2; 3. electrogride part 3; 4. electrogride part 4; 5. electrogride part 5; 6. electrogride part 6

By Adam Baruch

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