Sunday, May 13, 2012

Muzykoterapia - Piosenki Izy (2011)

Muzykoterapia (band)

Iza Kowalewska - vocal
Kuba Galiński - keyboards
Wojtek Sobura - drums
Dominik Trębski - trumpet
Marcin Gańko - saxophones, flute
Wojtek Traczyk - bass
Jurek Zagórski - guitar

Piosenki Izy (2011)

I reached for this CD because it features some of the most talented young musicians (Wojtek Sobura, Wojtek Traczyk, Marcin Gańko) creating new improvised music in Poland. But let me start with vocalist Iza Kowalewska which is a pivotal figure in this band called Muzykoterapia. She does not have a big voice but she has a personality. Therefore music is diversified, coherent, mature. Although it is clearly pop and have very little in common with jazz yet it is ambitious enough to be listened even by someone who has alergy on typical pop pulp. On the other hand it lacks depth, intensity, spirituality of best jazz music. Except those few moments when aforementioned young lions take over like in track 11 "Kalimba": fully instrumental tune where they cut through African inspired moods in a manner of best acid or new jazz recordings. It is a pity that such an awesome potential was used so rarely on this generally not so bad album...

Track listing: 1 Intro 0:56; 2 Wiatr 3:54; 3 Komedia 4:24; 4 Dym 2:48; 5 Okulary 4:48; 6 Nie Bądź Zły 2:49; 7 Stacja Benzynowa 3:57; 8 Eyala 3:50; 9 Na Wspak 3:45; 10 Ocieplenie 3:09; 11 Kalimby 3:26; 12 Time To Die 4:05; 13 Outro 3:24; 14 Na Wspak (Envee) 

By Maciej Nowotny

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