Sunday, May 6, 2012

Ecstasy Project - They Were P (MW, 2011)

Ecstasy Project (band)

Rafał Gorzycki – perkusja
Tomasz Pawlicki – flet
Łukasz Górewicz - skrzypce, altówka
Paweł Nowicki – wibrafon
Paweł Urowski – kontrabas

They Were P (MW, 2011)

This is the 5th album by the Polish ensemble Ecstasy Project, founded and led by drummer / percussionist / composer Rafal Gorzycki. Gorzycki, who is also active in other musical projects, like the excellent Sing Sing Penelope ensemble, formed Ecstasy Project as a vehicle for his compositions, which lay in the fuzzy area between Jazz and contemporary Classical music. The ensemble includes also flautist Tomasz Pawlicki, vibraphonist Pawel Nowicki, violinist Lukasz Gorewicz and bassist Pawel Urowski, and is capable of performing the complex music and creating an atmosphere that bridges between chamber contemporary Classical music and modern Jazz, moving between the two smoothly and seamlessly. The music, almost entirely composed by Gorzycki, is quite intricate at times, but does not cross the point of total alienation to the less experienced listener, keeping enough melody and rhythm to hold on through the more difficult passages. Of course listeners with more experience in Classical music will find this music familiar and quite enchanting from the very first listen. This is very European music, encapsulating the musical traditions the 19th and 20th Centuries, from neo-romanticism, via atonal experimentation and minimalism, right into the avant-garde. And yet the music is not over-intellectual and leaves a lot to feeling and atmosphere, keeping the overall emotional level alive and aesthetically satisfying. Definitely worth investigation for more adventurous listeners!

Track listing: 1. Who Is Next?; 2. Vigo; 3. What Harmony Part I; 4. What Harmony Part II; 5. … And Beyond; 6. Jeddem; 7. Zero Plus Zero; 8. Na Jednym Rymie; 9. They Were P; 10. Too For… Swing; 11. Where Is Atonal Etude?

By Adam Baruch

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