Monday, May 7, 2012

Krzysztof Komeda – Sophia`s Tune (Power Bros, 1998)

Krzysztof Komeda - piano

Simon Kopel - drum
Tomasz Stańko - trumpet, stief-bass
Michał Urbaniak - tenor sax

Sophia`s Tune (Power Bros, 1998)

This album presents a live recording by a quintet led by Polish pianist / composer Krzysztof Komeda, the legendary Godfather of Polish Jazz, recorded live at the Copenhagen Montmartre Jazz club. At that time Montmartre was one of the most important European Jazz venues and had the privilege of hosting the crème de la crème of worldwide Jazz performers, which testifies as to Komeda's reputation in Scandinavia. The quintet also includes trumpeter Tomasz Stanko, saxophonist Michal Urbaniak, Danish bassist Bo Stief and drummer Simon Kopel. They perform three original Komeda compositions, one of which ("Svantetic") gets an expanded treatment of over 20 minutes. The same composition was recorded later the same year as part of the legendary "Astigmatic" album. The remaining two compositions are: "Repetition", which was recorded a couple of years later on the also legendary "Meine Susse Europaische Heimat" album of Jazz and Polish poetry (produced by Joachim Berendt) and "Sophia's Tune" dedicated to Komeda's wife Zofia. The performances are absolutely stunning as this is European Jazz at its absolute peak, eons ahead of its time and light-years ahead of anything else played at the time. Stanko's trumpet, already at that time, prophesizes the fact that he will have no competitors, as we can witness now, almost 50 years later. Komeda's music is so completely enthralling and engulfing that is remains completely untouched by time, resistant to fads and fashions and intrinsically timeless. This time capsule, which we are lucky to be able to listen to, is a Godsend. Absolutely essential!

Track listing: 1. Repetition (K. Komeda) [10:27]; 2. Svantetic (K. Komeda) [22:15]; 3. Sophia's Tune (K. Komeda) [10:12]

By Adam Baruch

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