Saturday, May 5, 2012

Leszek Mozdzer & Adam Pieronczyk - Live in Sofia (Not Two, 1998)

Leszek Mozdzer & Adam Pieronczyk

Leszek Możdżer - piano
Adam Pierończyk - soprano, alto & tenor saxophones

Live in Sofia (Not Two, 1998)

Arguably on this recording best Polish (nowadays) saxophonist and pianist play together. Long since it is out of catalogue of Not Two recording label and therefore very little known as much in Poland and even more abroad this duo is of absolute stellar quality. If jazz is about communication and dialogue "Live in Sofia" could be trated as an example how these two essential features of jazz shall be treated. One song after another listener is confronted with utmost creativity of two free souls in searching of communion in music. At moments light and amusing, always subtle, skillful and refined, if often touches what is transcendental, metaphysical and spiritual in music.

Perhaps caught in their very best form  on this recording these two musicians do not need introduction as far as Polish audience is concerned. They are super stars on our scene. For listeners from abroad however let me add that Możdżer fame and prestige in Poland is second only to Stańko. As much as great musician as pop star he manages to convince to high quality music thousands of souls which would normally never reach for anything more ambitious than Madonna, Ricky Marin or Bananarama. Adam Pierończyk was deservedly voted jazz musician of year 2010 in Poland. Outstanding saxophonist he is at the same time unsettled musical soul exploring not only mainstream but also free jazz and world music distant shores. All these moods and tastes are present on this recording as well. Meeting of two giants, of two unique personalities, of two basic elements of music, rhythm and melody, alternatively taken by one of the other of the two, this one glistens, shines and shimmers as pure piece of gold!

Track listing: 1. Biali (Możdżer) [16:22]; 2. Breakfast at Tiffany's (Komeda) [09:56]; 3. Song of the Sunken Town (Pierończyk) [08:28]; 4. Tell Me Anything About Your Life Mr. Buk! (Pierończyk) [06:42]; 5. Ludus Danielis (XIIIth Century Liturgical Melody) [12:22]; 6. Fuga (Bach-Możdżer) [11:44]

By Maciej Nowotny

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