Monday, May 7, 2012

Sobura - Organic Lo-Fi (U Know Me Records, 2012)

Wojtek Sobura - drums, percussions, electronics

Organic Lo-Fi (U Know Me Records, 2012)

As many young generation Polish musicians Sobura pays hommage to jazz when saying about roots of his music but he is nonetheless far from limiting himself to this one genre. In fact his up-to-date achievements in jazz are clearly in non-mainstream territory. I know him mostly from inspiring collaboration with Kamil Szuszkiewicz on "Kapcitron" (2009) and with Maciej Trifonidis on numerous albums of which I like the most last one "Roots" (2011) which can be classified, respectively, as avant jazz and etno jazz. But he is also involved in pop (Muzykoterapia), hip hop, rock and who knows what else. 

Well, this one missing link may be modern dance music since on "Organic Lo-Fi" I find such elements in plentiful. This is what makes this debut album by young Warsaw-based drummer so atractive. Though solo it avoids starkness of so many other typical avant jazz drum solo albums. Although it retains typical for jazz creative element it yet remains attractive to ear unaided by long exposure to jazz avantgarde. Speaking shortly, this is light, joyfull and straigforward music clearly rooted in jazz but facing future. Nothing groundbreaking for sure but very decent debut by artist about whom at least one thing can be said for sure: he goes his own way. And in jazz that's very much...

By Maciej Nowotny

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