Saturday, May 26, 2012

Piotr Baron - Take One (Polonia Records, 1995)

Piotr Baron - soprano and tenor taxophone

Darek Oleszkiewicz - double bass
Jacek Olter - drums

Take One (1995)

Stellar line-up and music as always with Piotr Baron difficult to classify. Certainly mainstream but with some occasional unexpected twists towards more free and open language. The beauty of sound on this recording is breathtaking. Baron improvisations on saxophone are emotional, Oleszkiewicz bass line juicy, Olter drumming timely yet never too obvious. All in all this one surely deserves to be rehearsed from time to time and not cast into oblivion...

Track listing: 1. Kruchy most; 2. Złota rybka; 3. W ciemność;  4. Baronstone; 5. Nie przerywać dożynek; 6. Jeszcze jeden mazur dzisiaj; 7. Ja ci powiadałam Janielo; 8. Czerwone jabłuszko; 9. Moo Man

By Maciej Nowotny

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