Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Pater / Wojtczak / Urowski / Gorzycki – A-Kineton (Owoc Music, 2012)

Pater / Wojtczak / Urowski / Gorzycki

Rafał Gorzycki - drums
Irek Wojtczak - saxophones
Kamil Pater - guitar
Paweł Urowski - double bass,

Guest: Maurycy Wojcinski - trumpet

A-kineton (Owoc Music, 2012)

This wonderful album, recorded by the Polish quartet comprising of guitarist Kamil Pater, saxophonist Irek Wojtczak, bassist Pawel Urowski and drummer Rafal Gorzycki, with guest trumpeter Maurycy Wojcinski, is an excellent example of contemporary Jazz, played by young musicians who slowly establish a new school of Polish Jazz, continuing the splendid tradition of the country's achievements in that area. For people following the scene these names won't be completely new, as they have been active in many different ensembles during the last decade, like Sing Sing Penelope, Ecstasy Project, Contemporary Noise Sextet and others. Pater, Urowski and Gorzycki, with saxophonist Alexander Kaminski, recorded the splendid "Dziki Jazz" (Wild Jazz) album earlier on.

Pater wrote five of the eight compositions on this album, with Urowski and Gorzycki contributing one composition each and one being a group composition. The music is excellent modern Jazz, with some basic melodic content, but mostly improvised with a lot of both individual and collective freedom extended towards the participants. The performances are all inspired and highly professional, and overall the album is a great piece of music, which flows elegantly from one composition to another, constantly keeping the listener on the edge. By and large the atmosphere is somewhat similar to the music played by the groundbreaking Polish ensemble Sing Sing Penelope, which of course is not entirely surprising and should be seen as a compliment. Hopefully this quartet has a lot more to offer in the future, and I'm looking forward to hear their next album. Wholeheartedly recommended!

Track listing: 1 A-kineton; 2 Bleak sun; 3 Solaris; 4 Dancing Queen; 5 Half Life; 6 Indian Driver; 7 Time For Sheeps And Dogs; 8 The Tree

By Adam Baruch

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