Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Jerzy Milian Unrealesed Tapes Indiegogo Project

Jerzy Milian is a legendary figure in the history of Polish jazz. A lavish and versatile composer, Milian was one of the members of Krzysztof Komeda's renowned Sextet, praised by Down Beat both as a jazz vibraphonist (LP „Bazaar”, 1969) and an able arranger. His music was regularly featured by the BBC. GAD Records, an independent Polish label, has launched a crowd-funding campaign aimed at the release of the artist's hitherto unpublished recordings. You could also help in making this happen!

A recently unearthed set of unique recordings by Jerzy Milian turned out to be a vast repository of captivating jazzy tunes. Out of the innumerable number of high-quality vintage tracks the GAD Records team have picked fifteen. Fine tunes, upbeat rhythms, and swinging grooves have become the essence of the "When, Where, Why" album, hopefully to be released later this year. Instead of putting out a finished product, the label decided to let the fans get involved in the process of its production. Hence the crowd-funding campaign at Indiegogo.com aimed at raising the $2500 necessary to cover production and licensing costs. The variety of goodies GAD Records offers to its donors ranges from a vintage thank-you postcard and a digital single with an unreleased track unavailable elsewhere to the actual CD album, a limited set of postcards and absolutely unique mixtapes. You even get the chance to become the project's executive producer!

Indiegogo.com, the world's second-largest crowd-funding platform, allows to support independent projects without any risk whatsoever. If the campaign fails to raise the necessary funds, nobody pays a dime. But the GAD Records team and Jerzy Milian believe it's going to work out fine. They have 45 days to reach their goal (until June 21).


source: Michał Wilczyński

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