Monday, May 14, 2012

Jaroslaw Smietana – Talking Guitar (Polish Jazz Vol.93 Deluxe, 1984)

Jarosław Śmietana - Electric Guitar

Henryk Miśkiewicz - Alto Saxophone
Zbigniew Jaremko - Tenor Saxophone
Henryk Majewski - Trumpet
Robert Majewski - Trumpet
Roman Syrek - Trombone
Jan Baytel - Flute
Wojciech Groborz - Fender Piano, Synthesizer
Antoni Dębski - Bass Guitar
Jacek Pelc - Drums, Percussion
Jerzy Bartz - Conga, Percussion 

Talking Guitar (Polish Jazz Vol.93 Deluxe, 1984)  

This is an excellent debut album as a leader by Polish guitarist / composer Jaroslaw Smietana, presenting a set of ten original compositions performed by a superb team of musicians, including his ex-cohorts from the Extra Ball ensemble. The list of names reads like a who’s who of the local scene at the time and includes keyboardist Wojciech Groborz, bassist Antoni Debski, drummer Jacek Pelc, percussionist Jerzy Bartz, saxophonists Henryk Miskiewicz and Zbigniew Jaremko, trumpeters Henryk Majewski and Robert Majewski (father and son), trombonist Roman Syrek and flautist Jan Baytel. The music is all Fusion oriented, with great melody lines. Smietana plays some excellent solos and is well supported by his partners. Overall this is mainstream Fusion, which ruled in the 1980s, so one must not expect complexity and innovation in what is supposed to be “good time” music, which it certainly is. The level of professionalism and talent expected from Polish Jazz are certainly there. Recommended to Fusion fans!

Track listing: 1. Bieganie po Manhattanie 2. Alisia 3. Tabasco Song 4. Podróżując we śnie 5. Trzech panów w łódce 6. Samba Carrera 7. Papierek lakmusowy 8. Od siedmiu wzwyż 9. Polowanie na robaczka 10. Samochody w pokrowcach

By Adam Baruch

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