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Maestro Trytony - Heart Of Gold (2004)

Maestro Trytony (band)

Tomasz Gwinciński - guitar, electronics
Tomasz Pawlicki - flute, keyboards, spinet, piano prepared
Patryk Węcławek - bass
Rafał Gorzycki - drums
Małgorzata Skotnicka - spinet
Jacek Majewski - percussion
Łukasz Gorewicz - violin
Martin Franken - gamelan

Heart Of Gold (2004)

Maestro Trytony are a Polish band led by Tomasz Gwicinski (guitar) and Tomasz Pawlicki (flute, keyboards). The musicians grew up on mainstream rock music, but were subsequently exposed to the world of 20th century’s classic and jazz. Indeed, the guitarist was considered one of the purveyors of the very local, neo-jazz phenomenon labeled as “yass” in the 1990s. 

Initially, the band appeared stylistically hesitant and some clumsiness accompanied their forays into over-generous orchestrations. The initial ideas were highly engaging, but their eventual development suffered in longer compositions. Fortunately, in their most recent incarnation they seem to have developed timbral sagacity, generating an undogmatic yet coherent idiom. Where else could you find seeping interplay of baroque spinet, celestial flute and sharply edged jazz guitar? On this hitherto unclaimed territory Maestro Trytony offer a refreshing dose of stylistic fence-sitting.

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Track listing: 1. O.R.G. 2. Van Worden In Serra Morena 3. Jocasta 4. Snowboarding Alchemyst 5. Heart Of Gold 6. Tax Collector 7. Magic Tiara Part 1 8. Magic Tiara Part 2 [Cherub. Wand.] 9. Nanotechnology 10. Epilogue 

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