Saturday, December 3, 2011

Andrzej Przybielski – Sesja Open (2011) by Adam Baruch

Andrzej Przybielski - trumpet, flugelhorn

Yuriy Ovsyannikov - alto & soprano saxophones
Grzegorz Nadolny - double bass
Grzegorz Daron - drums

Sesja Open (2011)

(Editor) One week after another this album remains on top of our recommendations. Check why by reading very personal text by Adam Baruch... 

The fact that this is the only recording session as a leader by the great Polish Jazz trumpeter / composer Andrzej Przybielski is truly shocking, especially since it was only released recently following his tragic and untimely death in February 2011. Although Przybielski took part as a sidemen in numerous Polish Jazz recordings, his tragic life story ridden by a plethora of personal issues (mental instability, drug addiction, sociopathic behavior and reclusion) is equivalent to the amount of misfortune found in a Greek Tragedy, making him a rare bird and an outsider, known almost exclusively only by other Polish Jazz musicians. And yet, he was a true musician's musician, as his genius was usually appreciated only by those, who were able to understand how great his talent truly was. In retrospect Przybielski had only one peer on the Polish scene, the great Tomasz Stanko, even if their respective careers were so diametrically different. Przybielski's tone, phrasing, speed and inventiveness, clarity, consistency and versatility are so amazing, that (again in retrospect) his existence is not only Polish Jazz best ever kept secret, but a phenomenon worthy of a worldwide attention. This album, recorded almost by accident, was supposed to present Przybielski's regular quartet led by him in the last years of his life with vibraphonist Karol Szymanowski, bassist Grzegorz Nadolny and drummer Grzegorz Daron. However the vibraphonist could not take part in the session and was replaced at the last moment by saxophonist Yuriy Ovsyannikov. The recording consists of eight original compositions by Przybielski, brilliantly executed by the quartet, mostly in a Free Jazz mood, but with clearly stated melodic themes and completely coherent rhythmic support, which keeps it well inside the realm of music most Jazz enthusiasts are able to enjoy. Of course "hearing is believing" in this case, so until you do you have to take my word for it – but it probably will be one of the best Jazz trumpet performances you ever experienced. Of course one mustn't miss Przybielski's "De Profundis" with the Oles Brothers (also released posthumously). I personally take a huge pride in the fact that Przybielski played on my production of "The Book Of Job", which gave me the personal delight to watch him play at first hand. The album was released by a foundation, dedicating the proceeds to a production of a multimedia album about the life and Art of Andrzej Przybielski – only 500 copies of this album were pressed ('nuff said!).

(Editor) Please, listen to tune "Guru" from this CD:

Author: Adam Baruch
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  1. Pisownia utworu "Góru" choć ma znamiona błędu ortograficznego ma "o" kreskowane postawione z pełną premedytacją. Podczas sesji nagraniowej zostałem poinformowany przez Andrzeja Przybielskiego, że ten słowny rebus dotyczy opowieści o górach, co tłumaczy użyta w temacie skala z podwyższonym 4 stopniem o góralskim zaśpiewie. Używanie tytułu "Guru" jest zatem niepoprawne.

    Z pozdrowieniami: Grzegorz Nadolny


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