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Maestro Trytony - Enoptronia (Mozg, 1996)

Maestro Trytony (band)

Tomasz Gwincinski - guitar, leader
Renata Suchodolska - cello
Tomasz Pawlicki - flute, keyboards
Tomasz Hesse - bass
Rafal Gorzycki - drums

special guests:
Andrzej Przybielski - trumpet
Marta Handschke - voice
Jacek Majewski - conga
Wojciech Kuczyniecki - bass clarinet
Wojciech Gibas - fagot
Tadeusz Michalski - bass clarinet

Mozg, 1997

Maestro Trytony is key group in history of Polish avantgarde scene. Its history dates back to 1991 when trio Trytony was brought to life by Tomasz Gwińciński (guitarist) together with Jacek Pawlicki (doublebass) and Jacek Buhl (drums). This squad recorded two albums: "Tańce Bydgoskie" (1991) and "Zarys Matematyki Niewinnej - koncert w Mózgu" (1995) while Tomasz Gwińciński also recorded with Jerzy Mazzoll and his Artythmic Perfection group (check their "A" album) and Łoskot (listen to excellent "Sun"). All these projects made Gwińciński key player in lively Bydgoszcz music scene which focused first around Trytony club (that's where name of band comes from) and then around famous Mózg club.

But Gwińciński did not give up on Trytony and it happened around that time that he had some theater projects (BTW his favourite occupation up to present day) where he mostly used classical music language. He therefore started experiments (as we read on Mózg web page) in "blending motifs of contemporary chamber music (Bartok, Strawiński, Ines) with New York avantjazz aesthetics and that peculiar Polish lyricism a'la Komeda". To achieve new sound he needed bigger band so he began to cooperate with whole new set of musicians, a much bigger group than previously, among whom there were now many classically trained players. In years to come especially fruitful turned out to be Gwińciński relationship with drummer Rafał Gorzycki (check excellent albums he made with bands called Ecstasy Project or Sing Sing Penelope) and with legendary trumpeter Andrzej Przybielski. These new band recorded in 1997 new album titled "Enoptronia" which may be described as "a tone poem" and immediately became one the most important albums as far as yass movement (new free and avantgarde music in Poland) is concerned. Obligatory!   

Just a sample of Maestro Trytony sound:

Author of text: Maciej Nowotny

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