Thursday, December 1, 2011

TrioMania - Jazz na pTAK! (2011)

Triomania (band)

Piotr Mania - piano, rhodes, Hammond, synth.
Adam Żuchowski - bass
Tomek Sowiński - drums

Jazz na pTAK! (2011)

There are in Polish jazz musicians almost completely unknown to public  who nonetheless have outstanding skills and should be much more appreciated. Such a list would be long so let me now focus only on pianists and give you few names as examples: Michał Tokaj ("Bird Alone"), Leszek Kułakowski ("Code Numbers"), Joanna Gajda ("Heaven Earth") or Piotr Mania, a man about whom I want to write few words now. His style may be described as cool, referring clearly to line started by Bill Evans, then picked up by Keith Jarrett and so creatively developed by great Scandinavian jazz pianists like Bobo Stenson, Esbjorn Svensson or Tord Gustavsen. But he somehow manages to saturate this language with his own individuality which though low-profile, unobtrusive, laid down is as distinct as once was for example Kenny Drew's style or recently Kenny Werners's or Fred Hersch's are. His music rustles, whispers and purrs in most relaxing way yet without ever sliding into being too smooth, too conventional, too pretty. 
So the question arises what are our chances to listen to the music as created by this talented pianist? Two years ago in 2009 he released his debut album with the same trio titled "Pearl" which was recognized as best jazz debut in that year and awarded prestigious Fryderyk award in 2010. He also took part in many projects as sideman out of which I liked most his collaboration with drummer Tomek Sowiński and his The Collective Improvisation Group (check album "Synergy"). Not much however was heard about him since then so I was recently very pleasantly surprised that to one of biggest Polish newspapers this disc was attached as promo! Financed by some energy company, intended to promote knowledge about nature, especially birds, whose sounds and trills are incorporated gracefully into music and distributed free in thousands of copies by one of Polish biggest newspapers it is perhaps showing the way for other musicians to follow if they want their music to reach much wider audience than typical jazz ghetto. Congratulations to all sides involved in this exceptional project!

Check a tune form this album titled "Hejnały na bagnach":

Author: Maciej Nowotny

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