Sunday, December 18, 2011

Robotobibok - Jogging (Vytvornia OM, 2000)

Robotobibok (band) 

Artur Majewski / trumpet
Adam Pindur / saxophone, Moog synthesizer
Marcin Ożóg / acoustic bass
Maciek Bączyk / guitar, ARP Odyssey synthesizer
Kuba Suchar / drums

Jogging (Vytvornia OM, 2000)

(Editor) It is difficult to believe that this recording is already more than 10 years old! It sounds as fresh and creative as on day of its releasing proving that viewed in retrospective the band Robotobibokk was simply one the most influential in history of Polish modern avantjazz music (check also on this blog review of their second album titled "Instytut Las").

"Just because you don't live in Chicago doesn't mean you can't groove with sax and samplers. Poland's post-jazz scene is going strong, sauntering through the territories cut by Poland's first wave Yass (formerly hard-core musicians who then defined Polish post-jazz) for a more refined downtempo hybrid of psychedelic post-rock and schooled jazz. Purveyors of this sweet and patient new sound fall into two camps: the jazzier and jocular, with bands like Robotobibok leading the former and splinter group AGD doing the latter. Robotobibok bridges Bitches Brew, Bill Laswell, breakbeat drumming and the whole of the Polish jazz tradition. Combining the motor of 'robot' with the Polish word "obibok" (loosely translated as droning or loafing) their name says all that the music conveys. Robotobibok's direction follows avantjazz legends Maestro Trytony, whose leader Tomasz Gwincinski produced their debut "Jogging," a landmark of this newly grooving downtempo scene" (source: Tamizdat).

Robotobibok (a blend of two Polish words for robot and skiver) was formed in 1998 in Wrocław, Poland. From the very beginning, their music has seemed to combine modern electronic music with the energy of improvised jazz. Strong and acoustic drums, double bass and trumpet intertwine with dreamy vibraphone, electric guitar and characteristic 70’s analogue electronica (source:

(Editor) Check tune "Podróż do Meksyku" from this album:

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