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Milosc & Lester Bowie - Talking About Life And Death (Biodro Records, 1999)

Miłość & Lester Bowie (band)
Mikołaj Trzaska - soprano & alto saxophone
Maciej Sikała - soprano & tenor saxophone
Leszek Możdżer - piano
Ryszard Tymon Tymański - bass, vocals
Jacek Olter - drums
Lester Bowie - trumpet

Talking About Life And Death (Biodro Records, 1999)

Although from today’s perspective Miłość (which means “Love” in Polish) was definitely a dream-team, back then it was more like a bunch of friends, disobedient youngsters, nonconformist and self-confident musicians. From the very beginning the band was tightly connected with the Tricity’s (Gdańsk, Gdynia, Sopot) alternative scene, inspiring a numerous bands of different genres. Their idea was, basically, not to follow in traditional jazz footsteps. Therefore its music is highly-improvised, independent of the generic limits, intentionally breaking compositions’ schemes. Of course, it would be only a sign of enormous pride, if it wasn’t justified by the musicians’ skills and original artistic vision. But that’s what characterises the biggest bands – the unbreakable will of challenging status quo, the ability to blow up the frames of reality and building them up in a new way.

The music of Miłość is an outcome of the tension between great individualities. Among them, were: classically educated musicians, such as Możdżer (piano) and Sikała (saxophone); insatiable searchers and artistic rebels like Tymański (double bass) and Trzaska (saxophone); and a miserable genius – Olter (his suicidal death made Miłość disbanded). As a result of their music was somehow balanced. A perfectly organized chaos that fluctuates from beautiful melodies (memorable cover of Velvet Underground’s “Venus In Furs”) to furious brass instruments’ solos (spontaneous “A Tribute to Drukpa Kunley”). Due to the members’ innovative attitude (not only towards music), Miłość is being often considered as the godfather of Yass – which is not really a genre but rather a blend of improvised music with jazz, rock and, essentially, everything you find inspiring.

The last album of Miłość “Talkin’ About Life and Death” features the great American trumpeter, member of Art Ensemble of Chicago, Lester Bowie. His parts add a new sooth and mellow dimension to the band’s compostions. The whole album is a great testimony to passion and, indeed, the love of music. Kind of controversial, sometimes pervert, sometimes incomprehensible but always sincere and, basically, immense. Just try it out and get lovesick!

Recommended if you like: Lester Bowie, John Coltrane, Ornette Coleman, Captain Beefheart, Thelonious Monk.

Title track from this album:

and more representative for music on this album sample form concert:

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