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Hubert Zemler - Moped (Lado ABC, 2011)

Hubert Zemler - drums

Moped (Lado ABC, 2011)

How often do you really listen to your own heartbeat? I do it rather rare but this album persuades me I should try. And what I am supposed to  discover through such a practice? I assume I could become surprised that my heartbeat is nothing constant or predictable but it changes with my desires, my fears, my hopes. But also with sound waves created in world around me which come to my body, penetrate it and sometimes even overwhelm it. Some of those sounds are strangely organized, bringing not only shock and fatigue but also some meaning. Significance. Sense. They may be called music.

Sometimes even extraordinary music when they carry with itself a beauty! As is a case with newest Hubert Zemler solo drum album 'Moped'. His musical horizons are wide open. Even on this humble blog you can find his free jazz 'Kapacitron' (2009) and 'Branches Of Horny Delight' (2009), avantpop 'Neurasja' (2011) or mainstream 'Alternations' (2008). But this is just a fragment of his activities because he has also done succesful projects belonging to world music (Ritmodelia), chamber music (Zdzisław Piernik, Arturas Bumsteinas) and even pop (Natu). He is associated with Chłodna 25 club in Warsaw, obviously one of the most important avant music venues in Poland (along with Alchemia in Cracow, Dragon in Poznań and Mózg in Bydgoszcz) and it is worthy to note that this CD is released by Lado ABC registrating albums of most of members of this unofficial artistic commune. 

Going back to music, this is the drum solo album but its variety is limitless. At moments mimimalistic it soon turns into storm beat, sometimes featuring pulse as ethereal as a feather while later abundant in New York groove or African funky rhythms. It is testimony to creativeness of an artist whose capacity is enormous, whose maturation is yet not complete but evidently going in right direction. I count it among the most interesting albums coming from Warsaw avant-garde musicians this year along with Marcin Masecki 'Profesjonalizm', Kamil Szuszkiewicz 'Prolegomena' and Levity 'Afternoon Delights". What a year indeed!

Author: Maciej Nowotny

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