Friday, December 2, 2011

Orange The Juice - Romanian Beach [EP] (2011)

Orange The Juice (band)

Konrad Zawadzki - vocals, sounds, noise
Dawid Lewandowski - guitar, vocal, sounds
Marcin Jadach - double bass, bass guitar
Janek Kiedrzyński - drums
Marcin A. Steczkowski - keyboards, trumpet, sounds
Mariusz Godzina - saxophones

Romanian Beach [EP] (2011)

This EP made good impression on me. It comes as second from band of young musicians gathered around Marcin A. Steczkowski after promising "Oneirism Op.1". Though definitely not within mainstream of jazz but rather closer to its experimental and auto-ironic side, it brings fresh attitude and sounds that may appeal especially to younger generations brought up on indie music. As with all EPs question remains how this good yet relatively short material will translate into LP... That's unclear at the moment but if these young musicians manage to remain on such a creative and communicative course the outcome should be at least satisfactory, perhaps even more than that...

Please, check sample of music from this EP: or from concert:

Author: Maciej Nowotny

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