Monday, December 5, 2011

Slow - Art Of Silence (Proa Records, 2011)

Slow (band)

Tomek Kaczmarczyk - guitars
Krzysiek Wermiński - piano, kbds

Sławomir Berny - perc
Michał Dąbrówka - drums
Robert Kubiszyn - el/ac bass
Kenny Martin - drums
Kasia "Puma" Piasecka - b.voc.
Ania Szarmach -voc.
Leszek Szczerba - ts, ss, fl

Art Of Silence (Proa Records, 2011)

Debut recording by smooth jazz duo of guitarist Tomek Kaczmarczyk and keyboardist Krzysiek Wermiński. Diversified selection of guests, catchy melodies and high quality of recording all contribute to make this CD  one not-to-be-missed for all smooth jazz lovers. Check sample of this music:  

Author: Maciej Nowotny

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  1. Great Music!! Where to listen this music??


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