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Jan Ptaszyn Wróblewski - Sweet Beat (Gad Records, 2012)

Jan Ptaszyn Wróblewski – sax, flute, clarinet

Włodzimierz Nahorny – organs, piano
Bronisław Suchanek – double bass
Janusz Stefański – drums
Józef Gawrych – percussion
Janusz Hojan – trumpet
Benon Hardy – accordion

Poznańska Piętnastka Radiowa -  dyr. Zygmunt Mahlik (1-11)

Sweet Beat (GAD Records, 2012)

(Editor) From original notes to album which was released in 1972 but is now re-issued in beautifully remastered and extended version by GAD Records. Highly recommended!

This record was born in the winter. For two nights, on the 7th and 8th of February, 1972, the glass partition in the Polskie Nagrania studio stood between two groups of musicians. One one side the rhythm section: Włodzimierz Nahorny, Bronisław Suchanek, drummers Janusz Stefański and Józef Gawrych and... „Ptaszyn” Wróblewski; on the other, thirty strings from the National Philharmonic. This time, Ptaszyn turned the leadership over to Zygmunt Mahlik, director of Poznańska Piętnastka Radiowa (Poznań Radio's Fifteen Orchestra) with which he had collaborated for fifteen years.

The recording proceeded smoothly, so everyone was pleased until it was time to lay down the solo saxophone track. Ptaszyn was discontented – made one take after another, searched for just right atmosphere. And thanks to that, the result is sure to please.

This record is, above all, a showcase for Wróblewski's arranging skill. As he, himself, admits, this kind of work suits him best. „I can't imagine life without strings and French horns”, he says. An awareness of the fact that tgese instruments are a distinctive feature of „sweet music”, make us realize just how much this music means to Wróblewski the jazzman.

He had wanted to make this record for a long time. However, the final conception was born during the production of another album of „sweet music”: his friend Włodzimierz Nahorny's „Her Portrait”, on which Ptaszyn led the band, and to which he contributed some of his arrangements.

„Sweet Beat” offers a similar music, although more aggressive rhythmically – more rock. 

Track listing: 1. Sweet beat; 2. Tata lata; 3. Bitwa o grzędę; 4. Tylko spokój; 5. Jesień; 6. 300 kilometrów przed nami; 7. Stopniowanie; 8. Dziewczyna tańcząca; 9. Cóż ci to ja uczyniłem; 10. Nie pożałuje pan; 11. W kawiarence „Sułtan”; 

Bonus tracks: 12. Mówiłem, że nie ostatni (radio version); 13. Tata lata (radio version); 14. Bitwa o grzędę (radio version); 15. Tylko spokój (radio version); 16. Jesień (radio version); 17. 300 kilometrów przed nami (radio version); 18. Stopniowanie (radio version); 19. Dziewczyna tańcząca (radio version); 
20. Rozlewiska (Zielono mi) (radio version); 21. 300 kilometrów za nami (radio version); 22. Tango niesforne (radio version); 23. Begin the Beguine (radio version); 24. Miniatura z jesienną jaskółką (radio version); 25. Trawa (radio version)

By Jan Borkowski

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