Monday, April 9, 2012

Ewa Braun - Stereo (2002)

Ewa Braun (band)

Dariusz Dudziński - perkusja
Rafał Szymański - gitara basowa
Marcin Dymiter - gitara, głos
Piotr Sulik - gitara, głos 

 Stereo (2002)

A bit of emo-and/or-post-rock from Poland, Ewa Braun sound every bit as good as your personally adored Dischord or Quaterstick band. Opening track "Upadek Systemu Swingu" gives Lightning Bolt a run for the money when it comes to balls-out guitar riff depth charges -- the six-minute instrumental kickstarts the record with hyper gusto and total blistering confidence. The group is equally well-footed with its numerous spare, slow grinders, like "Ptaki Czuja Jesien" -- which, like many of the tracks, sounds a bit like late-model Fugazi, with lots of jazz-infused guitar wet-noodling and frequently half-murmured vocals. Thankfully, there is no screaming. Screaming is forbidden, thank goodness. For all the music's punk-edged vitality, there's an equally serene and detached air to the playing, and this gives Stereo a feeling of effortless perfection. The songs are jammy, like good Faust material or June of 44's best experiments; Ewa Braun develop protracted rhythms that could go on forever or suddenly reverse and go in another direction.

The production is excellent. There's nothing fancy in the sound to distract from the weird introverted anti-social style of the playing. The disc seems weightless, charming and completely worthwhile.

Track listing: Side A 1 Upadek Systemu Swingu 6:12; 2 Muzyka Z Księżyca 3:15; 3 Piosenka Dla Chłopców 3:13; 4 Piosenka Dla Dziewcząt 7:14; 5 Ptaki Czują Jesień 7:07; Strona B 6 Koniec Nowego Roku 6:52; 7 Sauté Cz. III 9:03; 8 Wzmocnione Światła

By Lee Henderson

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