Monday, April 23, 2012

Kormorany - Miasto (2008)

Kormorany (band)

Krzysztof "Konik" Konieczny - viola, git. elektryczna
Jacek "Tuńczyk" Fedorowicz - git. el., bass, bass bezprogowy
Piotr "Bluesman" Jankowski - gitary elektryczne
Artur "Gaja" Krawczyk - perkusjonalia, melodyka

Miasto (2008)

Although I am living in Warsaw for more than 25 years I was born and still feel in my heart to be from the city of Wrocław. Located in south-west of Poland, former German Breslau, Wrocław is one of the most beautiful places in Poland. Most importantly it has unique character unlike any other city in Poland: people are merry, open and they cherish all forms of cultural life. Among them no least important is music which in Wrocław fluorishes in every possible form. 

The history of band called Kormorany is good example of that. It was created mid-80ties in direst hours of post-martial law times as kind of reaction to the feeling of seclusion and hopelessness which dominated those times. It was less a band but more kind of movement of very young people (I was one among them) who share the same feeling of absurdity of world as created by communist government. It was therefore at the date of its conception free, rebellious and yet self-ironic. It also had a social nature which is rather rare in Poland, country of individualists.

All these features ensured that music played by Kormorany became creative enough to develop itself over the course of so many years and well after political system has changed as well as whole reality which surrounds us. Perhaps the lasting feeling of absurdity which still lingers in Poland regardless it is now fully capitalist helped Kormorany to survive? In any event their personnel and music evolved from its punk rock roots to modern European improvised music which draws as much from folk as from free jazz and any other source of fresh ideas in world of soundz. Thanks to such attitude it remains one of most inspiring bands on Polish scene for years...

Tracks Listing: 1 Budzik 3:47; 2 Majaki 4:13; 3 Pierwsze kroki 4:03; 4 Miasto 4:51; 5 Trójkąt bermudzki 3:24; 6 Po godzinach 1:38; 7 Dziennik 12:10; 8 Kanaliza 2:18; 9 Wojna 5:37; 10 Zgliszcza 0:49; 11 Na drugi dzień po końcu świata 5:31

By Maciej Nowotny

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