Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Kyst - Waterworks (Antena Krzyku, 2011)

Kyst (band)

Waterworks (Antena Krzyku, 2011)

(Editor) In Europe, including Poland, more and more jazz is seen as part of greater 'improvised music' phenomenon. This recording is perfect good example of such a process! Verging between indie pop, rock, experimental and avantgarde it shakes off all unnecessary labels to bring simply great music to any listener with rears open wide enough not to miss what is true art of sounds!

Kyst is a band of Norwegian origin, currently residing in Sopot, Poland. It’s music varies from folk and post-rock to experimental and improvised music, often influenced by the New Weird America movement. However, the musicians prefer not to limit themselves to any specific genre, considering freedom and emotional devotion being the most important musical values. Kyst played several gigs in the biggest cities in Poland and abroad (Berlin, Prague, Hamburg, Rostock, Brussels and more) and played with such artists as: Au (USA), Silje Nes (Norway), Oldseed (Canada), Mono (Japan) and the legend of Berlin experimental music - F. S. Blumm. The self-released debut LP "Cotton Touch" gathered enthusiastic reviews in Europe. The band has been compared to Animal Collective, early Akron/Family, Arcade Fire, Tortoise and Liars (amongst others). Their second album "Waterworks" has been released on 28th March 2011 on a Polish label Antena Krzyku.

Track listing: 01 Friend Now 4:18; 02 Miss The Sea 4:20; 03 Sun 1:48; 04 Colours 3:53; 05 Water 2:10; 06 Seasons / All Is Different 5:01; 07 A Postcard 5:00; 08 The Glowing Sea 4:31

source: http://www.myspace.com/kystband

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