Friday, April 6, 2012

Niechec - Smierc w miekkim futerku (Wytwornia, 2012)

Niechęć (band)

Michał Kaczorek - drums
Stefan Nowakowski - bass
Tomek Wielechowski - piano, synth
Rafał Błaszczak - guitar
Maciek Zwierzchowski - saxophones

Lady Aarp (Kasia Kolbowska - harp, Sebastian Wtitkowski - dub, electronics)
DJ Feel - psycho synth

Smierc w miekkim futerku (Wytwornia, 2012)

When few years ago Contemporary Noise Quintet began to mix rock, pop, film music with jazz it was really something fresh on our scene. Such albums as 'Pig Inside The Gentlemen' or 'Unaffected Thought Flow' quickly won listeners' hearts. Full packed concert halls all over Poland (and incidentally abroad) were clear evidence that this kind of music has future. It is therefore no surprise that soon after a bunch of new groups emerged intending to develop this concept. Daktari blend this music with klezmer or better say Tzadik-like moods; Tfaruk with electronic dance music; Light Coorporation with prog rock. All these bands and their albums were issued very recently in 2011 and are worthy your while. Niechęć deserves to be included among them delivering music as much coherent as any of above mentioned collectives. Is anything that singles out this album? Not really. That is its only disadvantage. It comes closest to CNQ in terms of purity of the genre but its compositions lack the sex appeal tunes penned by brothers Kapsa possess. All in all, this is strong debut. My taste which was formed on classical and jazz music might be a bit too spoiled to be kept on this kind of music for a long time. But when I asked some of my friends who came to jazz from listening to rock what do they think about this album, they unanimously reported to be very happy upon hearing this stuff...

Track listing: 1 After You; 2 Taksówkarz; 3 Mojry; 4 Niespokojny Relaks; 5 Relaks Dub; 6 Drugi Turnus W Pucku; 7 Prozak; 8 Fecaliano; 9 Śmierć W Miękkim Futerku

By Maciej Nowotny

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