Saturday, April 7, 2012

Przemek Dyakowski - Take It Easy III (Soliton, 2012)

Przemek Dyakowski – saksofon tenorowy, lider (1-10)

Joanna Knitter – Posiewnik – wokal (1-10)
Dominik Bukowski – wibrafon (1-2, 4-10)
Artur Jurek – fortepian, aranżacje, producent (1-3, 10)
Janusz Macek Mackiewicz – kontrabas (1-10)
Tomasz Sowiński – perkusja (4-9)
Roman Ślefarski – perkusja (1-3, 10)

Kwartet Smyczkowy Cappelli Gedanensis (1-3, 10):
Katarzyna Kowacz – I skrzypce
Katarzyna Rogalska – II skrzypce
Małgorzata Chomicz – altówka
Alicja Lach-Owsiany – wiolonczela

Take It Easy III (Soliton, 2012)

Saxophonist Przemek Dyakowski is a legend on Tri City jazz scene. He very well fits in mainstream like in 'Projekt Elbląg' (2011) by Specjal Jazz Sextet & Jerry Goodman, Jarek Smietana, in etno & folk jazz in Wojtek Staroniewicz 'Afreakan Project' (2011) or in more 'twisted' jazz like on young saxophonist Irek Wojtczak debut recording 'Direct Memory Access' (2011). I only quote very recent ones out of hundred or more other albums on which he appeared.   

His newest recording however is an instance of 'new classical jazz music' which I am not a very big fan of. What I mean by this term? Music which is as dead as, say, music of Beethoven, Mozart or Wagner and which is rehearsed by a band of awesome instrumentalists who in this way pay homage to old grand masters of the past. This is duty full of honor if a bit dull and uninspiring if repeated too often. And  this is the case as far as this recording is concerned because it is third disc in a small series by Dyakowski dedicated to classic jazz. 

Once again we may hear here great jazz standards born on Broadway almost one hundred years ago played and sung almost identically as they were played by George Gershwin, Duke Ellington and so many others. Except that they lack spontaneity and authenticity which are present in original recordings of that era. Summarizing, sweet and lovely without doubt but hopelessly predictable and boring if you are bound to 'real' jazz defined as 'sound of surprise'...

Track listing: 1. Lady be good – G. Gershwin 3:58; 2. Sophisticated Lady – D. Ellington 5:02; 3. I wish I knew – D. Gordon & H. Warren 5:25; 4. I ain’t got nothin’ but the blues – D. Ellington 5:31; 5. East of the sun and West of the moon – D. Bowman 8:31; 6. You go to my head – J. F. Coots & H. Gillespie 8:27; 7. Ain’t misbehavin’ – T. Fats Waller 5:18; 8. I got it bad – D. Ellington 3:41; 9. I wish you love – Ch. Trenet 5:17; 10. I kiss your hand, madame – R. Erwin 4:22

By Maciej Nowotny

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