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Krzysztof Fetras Trio - Night in Praha Live (2005)

Krzysztof Fetras - guitar & guitar synthesizer, composer 

Piotr Żaczek - fretless bass guitar
Grzegorz Grzyb - drums

Night in Praha Live (2005)

I wrote more about Krzysztof Fetras music when describing his debut recording 'Caravan'. This is his third album which brings much more mature music. Located firmly in mainstream jazz it brings sense of equilibrium, internal coherency, almost therapeutic effect. Unfortunately after recording this CD Krzysztof Fetras has had a break in his career lasting few years. Fortunately lately he announced his first new album in more than 6 years for Spring this 2012 year. I am waiting impatiently to see what it will bring to us. In a meantime please enjoy sounds from his last recording...  

Track listing:  1. Krzysztof FetrasFew Warm Notes 00:58; 2. Krzysztof Fetras Treaty of Joy 08:45; 3. Krzysztof Fetras We Are Together Today 07:47; 4. Krzysztof Fetras Mr. Kaz 15:38; 5. Krzysztof Fetras Night in Praha 08:26; 6. Krzysztof Fetras Don’t Go Away Now 11:51

By Maciej Nowotny

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