Thursday, April 12, 2012

Janusz Zdunek + Marienburg - Jedzie (2012) by Maciej Nowotny

Janusz Zdunek - trumpet, synthesizers, electronics

Ireneusz Kaczmar - bass guitar, sitarra
Rafał Baca - drums, percussion 

Jedzie (2012)

As far as I remember this is third album by this band with previous 'Pop Dom' and 'Miasto Nic' (2008). This last record is described on our blog and what applied to that album roughly applies to this one as well. This music is as much inspired by jazz as (even more) by club, downtempo and chill-out music. Its overall mood is relaxing and goes perfectly with lazy morning, calm evening or night car drive. By far the biggest asset of this album is Janusz Zdunek whose line on trumpet is open and yet easily to follow. Its closest affinity is without doubt well known Nils Molvaer play. Unlike on Molvaer famous records however (e.g. 'Khmer' or recently 'Hamada') Zdunek has no enough support from rhythm section whose play is too predictable for my taste. Plus arrangements of music are not that dense and range of emotions evoked in listener consequently is more modest. 

Track listing: 1 Oj nie; 2 Past Post; 3 Jedzie Preludium; 4 Jedzie wolny; 5 Jedzie Lab; 6 Jedzie On; 7 Trytony; 8 Od ślubu

By Maciej Nowotny

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