Friday, April 6, 2012

Baaba Kulka - Baaba Kulka (2011)

Baaba Kulka

Bartek Weber - gitara
Gaba Kulka - wokal, klawisze
Piotr Zabrodzki - bas, klawisze
Tomasz Duda - saksofoy, flet, klarnet
Maciej Moruś - perkusja

Baaba Kulka (2011) 

In 1984, Iron Maiden brought a massive stage show through Eastern Europe, performing in five different Polish cities. The love Eddie and the gang showed for the other side of the Iron Curtain comes back here, with Baaba Kulka’s off-the-wall tribute to the metal giants. Polish electro-jazz-rock band Baaba provides the background music, lurching between Klezmer, gypsy-rock, and even something that sounds like lounge music from the future. Singer Gaba Kulka unleashes big, jazzy singing overtop, belting the hell out of fan favorites you’ve never heard like this before. The set brings out the cartoonish fun that always lurked not too deep within Iron Maiden songs, but without an ounce of irony or condescension. It’s a boisterous celebration by a collective that may not have a metal bone in its body, but invite big grins while you sing (and dance) along with the wildest crossover album this side of Warsaw.

Track listing: 01. The Number of the Beast; 02. Wrathchild; 03. Aces High; 04. To Tame A Land; 05. The Ides of March; 06. Prodigal Son; 07. Children of the Damned; 08. Flight of the Icarus; 09. The Clairvoyant; 10. Still Life

Source: (Album of the Year 2011)

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