Friday, March 2, 2012

Swingujące Trójmiasto (Series) - Baszta (Soliton, 2011)

Baszta (band)

Leszek Dranicki - guitar, vocal
Jerzy Główczewski - saxophone
Zbigniew Kędzierski - saxophones
Edward Kolczyński - trumpet, piano
Adam Ochocki - trombone
Jan Rucki - drums
Piotr Sapieja - percussions
Stanisław Suchecki - trombone
Aleksander Śliwa - bass guitar
Lech Woś - Fender piano

Swingujące Trójmiasto (Soliton, 2011)

Slowly some of the Polish jazz archive recordings are making their way to the public. It happens thanks to such jazz maniacs as Marcin Jacobson who for Soliton Records prepared framing for whole series of albums dedicated to history of lively jazz scene in Tri City (Gdańsk, Gdynia, Sopot). This is first record inaugurating this project which is dedicated to band called Baszta.  It was started in 1976 by trumpeter, composer and arranger Edward Kolczyński. From the beginning Baszta played dancing version of jazz strongly influenced by funk. It seemes that such a music was kind of exotic caprice in Poland but audience and (surprisingly) critics thought otherwise. The band took part in famous Jazz Nad Odrą contest of young bands and won a distinction. That revealed to be a pass to concerts as much in Poland as abroad and could be a perfect entry to significant career. But it wasn't. In 1978  soon after this preliminary success the leader left the band which lingered after his departure for 2 years but without previous energy and creativity. Few recordings were all that was left after disappearance of this ephemeral entity. However we are very fortunate that Soliton decided to realease them because they show how attractive this music is even more than 40 years after its recording.         

Track listing: 1. Taniec pawia; 2. Wysoki parter; 3. Turniej; 4. Czekając na wyjazd; 5. Pick Up The Pieces; 6. Watermelon Man; 7. In A Silent Way; 8. Poszły konie po betonie; 9. W gaju; 10. Zwrot; 11. Bird Of Beauty; 12. Can't Buy Me Love; 13. One Woman Man; 14. Harmony Junction; 15. Honey Pie; 16. Naked Man; 17. Pick Up The Pieces; 18. Watermelon Man; 19. Yesterday's Music

By Maciej Nowotny

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